Mea Culpa

by Anomalia

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released November 20, 2012



all rights reserved


Anomalia Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Track Name: Heavens Weep The Loss
darkness made it all invisible, ephemeral,
yesterday ruins seeds of perdition
penury floods with blood the tombs
where traces rest lost, traces rest dead
wind blew the ash of old doctrins in misuse
and brought the reek of burnt beliefs
the tempest ordered death penalty for the ones god loved most
this is the price, you know it well
you can't win a war if you did not learn to lose or save yourself
heavens weep the loss, heavens bleed for your you as you bled in vain
and the need for forgiveness was the cancer, was the last will
and the need for forgiveness was the cancer, was the last wish
Track Name: Awakening
As for myself I would have kept it all buried six feet down her throat,
but her loneliness forced her to rise from the dead..
Hoping to stand upon her fainted memories.
Unreachable, she prays for her savior to come and wash away the guilt..
Another pointless attempt to escape the forgotten.
Miserable, she vomits the poison while dreaming about all those nights she was raped..
Ties a rope around her neck, free of sin.. Another rotten carcass is awakening, she's awakening.
As for myself I would have kept it all buried six feet down her throat..
As she sails the night only one thing comes to mind.. Pray to god to save her life.
Inconsolable, she lays on her knees bleeding through her eyes, no more deceit..
The bitch is dead.. Awakening, she's not awakening..
Track Name: Under Tons Of Emptiness
falling into the depths
of a bottomles desperate agony
in chains and too blind to see
attached to the surface like scum
wherever I looked it was always void
everywhere I searched, I can't find return

no cure, no return
prisoner of my oun wrath
overwhelmed, maddening

and so my soul began to die
grew broken, derranged, under oblivious
the more days elapse, faster it fades away

I don't know how much time can I resist

wherever I looked it was always void
everywhere I searched, I can't find return

no cure, no return
prisoner of my own wrath
overwhelmed, maddening
destined to destroy myself
Track Name: An Old Man's Tale
Like a rose, embrace death by showing sympathy and respect for those who had fallen,
my legs weaken at the thought of burning in hell,
a small punishment for us that drank the blood of bastard sons and dying brothers,
¨this shall be yours¨ they stated as their bloody hands buried the corpse of
a brutalized woman beaten to death, no more craving no more laughter will
rise softly of her mouth and she can no longer hear the sound of broken bones
hundreds of daughters pile over each other as she swims through
seas of guts, a worthless effort one would think but as she falls her neck reveals
the motive, allow us to see her final wish, a necklace lies upon her chest
blood turns cold, cancer takes place,
we heard ¨How can't you see?¨ an old man pointed at the sea for us to see a little
girl swallowing tears, a photograph was all it took for us to understand, it was her
daughter who was crying, it was her mother who was dying.
Track Name: Never Ending Winter
A flame is born out of pain, it burns beyond these hollowed eyes
next to a world that doesn't shine anymore, torn apart by our own ghosts
for i shall abandon my coffin and walk among the ones
who are cold as a winter that doesn't strike anymore
they are called the undying ones, with mouths that seek for murder
dripping diseases they walk towards a nevercoming end,
creating a world of terror, swallowing humanity, damnation lies upon the mortals
who stand under a godless sky, hopeless they travel north
unaware of my arrival, for centuries i've waited for this day
to come, preparing myself i bathed on virgins blood, with the flesh
of the undying ones i'll feast, so that my purpose will manifest
this wretched one shall be proclaimed a god.
Track Name: After The End
Centuries of corruption breeding decadence
abusing the sweetest blood, consuming pain
dust becoming into mud, torrential haemorrhages
millions of blind retinas were sentenced to see
themselves cave in

too much faces erased
in self-deceit, led to this fate
no more voices to hear
in self-destructive isolation

black are the trails of humanization
reflected in those puddles of tears
dead as the vestiges of what used to be
the virulent reality, after the end

born lifeless by an abortive conception
died slowly sucking salvation like whores
starving, wallowing over the crumbs
crippled, aged, dried up, and lost
have dissappeared completely from the earth
Track Name: Oblivion Means Nothing (Feat. Martin Passaro)
Fear us tonight, for we are the butchers that haunt your streets at dawn.. Craving your flesh
Despicable knights who had witnessed the death of mankind
On alcohol we drown ourselves, hoping to forget about the blood we spilled
Demented, unleashing a curse our purpose manifests in seek of human flesh
helpless ones armed with knives in order to kill the human raze
it's a curse upon ourselves..
We are the blackness we're the diseased we're the ghostriders in the sky
Mere fragments of ash soaked in blood
No remorse for the dead
No regrets for the ones we have killed
Their lives mean nothing

Oblivion means nothing

To be reborn under the wings of death

Condemned to be annihilated
Condemned to be erradicated

Condemned to live
Condemned to be
Track Name: Destino Final (Tiempos Violentos)
Es mi destino final y renacer no ayuda a olvidar cuantas noches he desperdiciado
calmando el calor de mi alma que en pena resiste el dolor y desea venganza
destruye finalmente esta vida y caminare hasta el final,
tiempos violentos es mi destino final
este cielo se tiñe de gris bajo la luz de un sol que se pone por última vez
y que dulce el sonido de tus lagrimas,
devastada y maltratada ahogando nuestra vida enferma y olvidada
y si mi espiritu viviera de risas sin llantos entre muros sordos,
mientras bajo el cruel crepusculo
sigan corriendo los tiempos violentos que encierran mi voz